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February 1, 2016

United States

Nevada—Shrimp Program for the WAS Meeting in Las Vegas

February 22 to 26, 2016




Every three years, the World Aquaculture Society holds a triennial conference somewhere in the United States.  This year it’s in Las Vegas, Nevada!  The Triennial is the largest aquaculture conference and trade show in the world with up to 4,000 attendees from over 90 countries expected this year.  The Triennial combines the annual meetings of the World Aquaculture Society, National Shellfisheries Association, Fish Culture Section of the American Fisheries Society, and the National Aquaculture Association.


The Shrimp Sessions at Aquaculture 2016

(Papers on shrimp and other crustaceans also appear in other sessions)


Shrimp Health and Disease

Tuesday, February 23, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Chairmen: Jeffrey Lotz and Reginald Blaylock



Field Efficacy Evaluation of a Formalin-Inactivated White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) Vaccine for the Preventive Management of WSSV Infection in Brackish Water Shrimp Ponds (Edgar Amar, Rolando Gapasin and Joseph Faisan, Jr.).


Efficacy of Probiotic Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 Against EMS/AHPND Vibrio parahaemolyticus  (Alvaro Ortiz, Pilar Honrubia, João Dantas Lima and Juan J. Mallo).


Modeling Pathogen Dynamics for Disease Control in Marine Aquaculture (Jeffrey M. Lotz).


Reservoirs of Whitespot Syndrome Virus in the Northern Gulf of Mexico (Jeffrey Lotz, Muhammad Muhammad, Stephen Curran and Reginald Blaylock).


PHB Accumulating Bacillus Sp. JL47 Protects Penaeus monodon Postlarvae Against Pathogenic Vibrio campbellii by Enhancing the Innate Immune Response (Joseph Leopoldo Laranja, Peter De Schryver, Edgar Amar, May Joy Geaga, Yufeng Niu and Peter Bossier).


Recent Studies on Shrimp Microsporidian Infection: Enterocytozoon Hepatopenaei (EHP) and Cotton Shrimp Disease (Jee Eun Han, Kathy F.J. Tang and Donald V. Lightner).


Recent Studies on Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND, Also Known as Early Mortality Syndrome, EMS) (Jee Eun Han, Kathy F.J. Tang and Donald V. Lightner).


Bacteriophages Isolated for the Control of Pathogenic Vibrio harveyi in Shrimp Hatcheries (I.S. Bright Singh, Somnath S. Pai and A.A. Anas).


Effect of an Algae-Clay Based Biocatalyst on the Digestive and Growth Performance of Juvenile Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Maarten Jay Van Schoonhoven and Jintasataporn Orapint).


Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cell Wall Supplementation on Growth Performance and Immunity Status of White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Stephen Blezinger, Orapint Jintasataporn, Melina Bonato, Glycon Santos and Stephen Blezinger).



Shrimp Nutrition

Wednesday, February 24,  8:30  a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Chairmen: Luke Roy and Alberto Nunes



The Promise of New Aquafeed and Feeding Technologies (Craig L. Browdy).


Optimizing the Use of Algal Meal Schizochytrium Sp. as a Fish Oil Replacer in the Practical Diets of Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Kenneth Thompson, Kristy Allen, Benjamin Bowman, Vaun Cummins, Keith Filer, James Tidwell, Andrew Ray and Vikas Kumar).


An Evaluation of the Complete Replacement of Fish Oil with Algae Meal Schizochytrium Sp. in Fishmeal-Free Diets for Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Kenneth Thompson, Kristy Allen, Benjamin Bowman, Vaun Cummins, Keith Filer, James Tidwell, Andrew Ray and Vikas Kumar).


Improved High Soy Shrimp Feeds for the Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (D. Allen Davis and Yangen Zhou).


Use of Dry Hydrolysate From Squid and Scallop Products in Plant Based Diets for Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (D. Allen Davis, Yangen Zhou, Ramasamy Thirumurugan, Qingkui Wang and Chong M. Lee).


The Real World Answer to the Investment on Empyreal® 75 for Your Shrimp Production (Fabio Soller and Luis Alejandro Daqui).


The Utilization of Profloc™ as a Fishmeal Replacement in Diets for Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Andrew Logan).


Ulva Meal as a Substitute for Fish Meal in Practical Diets for Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Xuan Qiu and Donald a. Davis).


Responses of Shrimp to Novel Methionine Source in Clear and Green Water Systems (Karthik Masagounder and Claudia Figueiredo Silva).


Use of IMTA Harvested Seaweed Ulva lactuca in a RAS Heterotrophic Shrimp Biofloc System (Susan Laramore, Alfred Munoz, Richard Baptiste, Paul Wills and Dennis Hanisak).


Fermented Copra Meal as Potential Replacement for Fish Meal Protein in a Black Tiger Shrimp Penaeus monodon Practical Diet: Effects on Growth and Feed Efficiency (Mary Jane Apines-Amar, Karen Grace Andrino-Felarca, Rowena Cadiz, Julnafe Balito and Valeriano Corre, Jr.).


Evaluation of Vegetable Protein Based Ingredients in Partial Replacement of Fishmeal on Growth, Non-Specific Immune Responses, Digestive Enzyme Activities and Nutrient Digestibility of Juvenile White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Jeongwhui Hong, Seunghan Lee, Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Jun-Young Bae, Kyung-Hoon Chang, Sungchul C. Bai and Doyoung Kim).


Metabolic Implications of Dietary Cholesterol in Shrimp (Vikas Kumar, Amit Kumar Sinha and James H. Tidwell).


Behavioral Assays Demonstrate How Krill Meal Enhances Attractability and Palatability of Feed Pellets for Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Charles Derby, Farida Elsayed, Samantha Williams, Cristian Gonzalez, Mina Choe, Anant Bharadwaj and George Chamberlain).


Development of Feed Attractant Mixtures to Increase Consumption and Reduce Waste in High-Soy Diets for Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Charles Derby, Mina Choe, Farida Elsayed, Sarah Miller, Samantha Williams, Cristian Gonzalez, Anant Bharadwaj and George Chamberlain).


Evaluation of Three Feeding Rates for Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei Under Pond Production Conditions (To Pham Thi Ha Van, D. Allen Davis, Melanie a. Rhodes, Chuck Roe, Shelby Oliver and Terrill R. Hanson).


The Effects of Adding Microbial Biomass to Grow-Out and Maturation Diets on the Reproductive Performance of Black Tiger Shrimp Penaeus monodon (Jake Goodall, Nicholas Wade, David Merritt, Melony Sellars, Kinam Salee and Greg Coman).


Physiological Aspects Linked with Dietary Fishmeal Replacement for Penaeus vannamei(Gabriela Gaxiola, Jorge Gamboa and Gerard Cuzon).




Shrimp Production and Biofloc

Thursday, February 25, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Chairman Wilson Wasielesky



The Global Shrimp Farming Industry: Status, Challenges and Perspectives (Darryl E. Jory).


Intensive Shrimp Farming: Farm Biosecurity and Biofloc Technology for Sustainable Production and Disease Prevention and Control (Nyan Taw).


Design and Operation of Indoor No Water Exchange Super-Intensive Biofloc-Dominated Systems for Producing Pacific White Shrimp: the Manual (Tzachi Samocha, David I. Prangnell, Terrill R. Hanson, Granvil D. Treece, Leandro F. Castro, Timothy C. Morris and Nick Staresinic).


Economics of Super-Intensive Recirculating Shrimp Production Systems: the Manual (Terrill Hanson, Tzachi Samocha, David Prangnell, Granvil Treece, Leandro Castro, Timothy Morris and Nick Staresinic).


Indoor Marine Shrimp Production at Kentucky State University (Andrew Ray, Adam Cecil and William Auberry).


Development of Floc Concentrate in the Nursery Culture of Penaeus vannamei Under Aerobic Microbial Floc Driven Raceways and Lined Ponds (Menaga Meenakshisundaram and S. Felix Sugantham).


Ionic Changes During the Production of Penaeus vannamei Fed Two Feeds of Differing Protein Content in a Zero-Exchange, Biofloc-Dominated System (David I. Prangnell, Leandro F. Castro, Abdulmehdi S. Ali, Thomas R. Zeigler, Craig L. Browdy, Tim a. Markey, Darrin Honious and Tzachi M. Samocha).


Effect of Different Salinities and Zero-Water Exchange on the Performance of Penaeus vannamei Postlarvae Reared with Biofloc (Héctor M. Esparza-Leal, Wilson Wasielesky Jr., João a. Amaral Xavier and Ely S. López-Álvarez).


Tolerance to Ammonia, Nitrite and Dissolved Oxygen in Postlarvae and Juveniles of White Shrimp Penaeus setiferus and Penaeus vannamei (Yu Yu and Yu Xu).


The Use of Fish Meal Analog in the Feeding of Penaeus vannamei BFT Culture System with Different Protein Levels (João Manoel Cordeiro Alves, Aline Bezerra, Dariano Krummenauer, Geraldo Fóes, Carlos Augusto Prata Gaona and Wilson Wasielesky Jr.).


The Use of Belt Feeders in Super Intensive Culture of Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei in BFT Systems (Dariano Krummenauer, Aline Bezerra, Carlos Gaona, Luis H. Poersch and Wilson Wasielesky Jr.).


Comparative Study of Aeration Injector System and Micro-Perforated Air Diffuser Hoses in Super Intensive Culture of Penaeus vannamei in Southern Brazil (Wilson Wasielesky, Lucas Genésio Silveira, Bob Advent, Geraldo Foes, Alessandro Cardozo, Luis Poersch, Carlos Gaona and Dariano Krummenauer).


Shrimp Penaeuvs vannamei Production in Clear Water and Biofloc Systems (Thomas Drury and Andrew J. Ray).


Influence of Variation in Water Temperature on Survival, Growth, and Yield of Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei in Inland Ponds for Low-Salinity Culture (Hisham A. Abdelrahman and Claude E. Boyd).


Effect of Ammonia Nitrogen on Production and Hemolymph of Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei Cultured in Low Salinity Ponds in Greene County, Alabama (Piyajit Pratipasen and Claude E. Boyd).


Towards Establishing Environmental Mineral Guidelines for Low Salinity Shrimp Culture in Florida (Susan Laramore and John Scarpa).


Evaluation of Probiotics Use for Water Quality Improvement in Inland, Low-Salinity Shrimp Ponds in Greene County, Alabama (Piyajit Pratipasen).


Marine Actinomycetes as Bioremediators in Shrimp Culture System (Rosamma Philip, Divya T. Babu, Dhanya Kesavan and I.S. Bright Singh).


Characterization of a Low Water Exchange System for Intensive Shrimp Production in a Subtropical Environment (Humberto Villarreal, José Naranjo, Walter Quadros, José Andrés Hernández, Luis Daniel Moreno and Mayra Vargas).


Compensatory Growth and Productivity in the Culture Phases of Maternity, Development and Grow-Out of the White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei in Golfo De Nicoya, Costa Rica (José Valverde and Jorge Alfaro).


Characterization of Aquatic Nitrifying Bacterium B. Cereus PB45 and Study of Its Napa and Hao Genetic Potential in Water Quality Management (Partha Bandyopadhyay, Prasenjit Barman and Pradeep K. Das Mohapatra).




Shrimp Breeding and Genetics

Friday, February 26, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Chairman Dean Jerry


Domestication and Selective Breeding of Penaeus monodon (Greg J. Coman and Brad J. Argue).


Transcriptomic Approach to Identify Sex Determination Genes in the Male Shrimp Penaeus merguiensis (Siuming Chan, Lili Shi, Xiao-Yun Li, Cheng Qui Wang and Shi Ping Yang).


Genomic Prediction and Genome-Wise Associations in the Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Mehar S. Khatkar, Kyall R. Zenger, Jeff Prochaska, Hein Van Der Steen, David B. Jones, Dean R. Jerry and Herman W. Raadsma).


All-Female Crustacean Aquaculture (Amir Sagi, Assaf Shechter, Ohad Rosen, Brit Eilam and Dudu Azulay).


Information: John Cooksey, World Aquaculture Conference Management, P.O. Box 2302, Valley Center, CA 92082 USA (phone 760-751-5005, fax 760-751-5003, email, webpage


Source: Email to Shrimp News International (with attachments).  Subject: Program for Shrimp Sessions in Las Vegas 2016.  From John Cooksey (  February 1, 2016.

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