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November 16, 2013


Importing First SPF Monodon Broodstock


In June 2013, the Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation (BSFF) and Moana Technologies, a shrimp broodstock supplier in Hawaii, USA, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the introduction of SPF P. monodon broodstock in Bangladesh.  Consequently, in early December 2013, for the first time, Bangladesh will import specific pathogen free (SPF) giant tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) broodstock.


BSFF Chairman Syed Mahmudul Huq said, “Recently from Andrew Kuljis, [at] Moana Technology LLC advising that the airlines will not accept live freight after December 15, 2013, due to heavy Christmas holiday demand for cargo space.”  Huq said, “If the required consignment of broodstock does not arrive in Dhaka by December 15, it would be difficult to stock PLs (postlarvae) in the...season beginning in early February.”  If the broodstock does not arrive by December 15, the entire program would be delayed by a year and could jeopardize its implementation.  Huq also said, “This pilot project will continue for next two years and after that” it might be commercialized.


Bangladesh can and does obtain tiger shrimp broodstock from local waters, but eight out of ten of them are infected with diseases.


Information: Walter Coppens, Moana Technologies, LLC, 73-4460 Queen Kaahumanu 121, Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740, USA (+32.475.26.86.19, email, webpage


Source: (an online, subscription-based, fisheries news service).  Editor and Publisher, John Sackton (phone 1-781-861-1441, email  Bangladesh Hopes to Start Experimenting with SPF Black Tiger Broodstock in December.  Ken Coons (  November 14, 2013.

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