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How Much $$$$ for a Million Postlarvae?

What If I Need 5,000 PLs in Northern California?

February 27, 2009


Rodrigo Gonzalez ( What’s the price for one million PL-12s (Penaeus vannamei) around the world?


Ramon Macaraig ( On the island of Cebu in the Philippines, one million PL-12s would cost approximately $4,000.  With airfreight, handling, shipping mortality and testing, the average cost for our farms on the island of Mindanao is $5,000 per million.


Jorge Jalil ( In Ecuador the price is $1,200.


Michael Hedenland ( What would be the price to ship 5,000 PLs to northern California, USA?


Dallas Weaver ( Note...Shipping aquaculture animals into northern California, USA, requires approval from the California Department of Fish and Game, which wants to know the health status of the animals.  As a tropical fish importer, however, you could import them as aquarium animals without F&G approval.


Michael Hedenland ( Thanks for your comments.  I spoke to my local Fish and Game office out at the Sacramento Nimbus Dam.  All he said was Grass Valley is an interesting place to be raising shrimp.  I’m just looking for a few thousand juvenile shrimp to grow out, not for resale, just for my own hobby.  Do you know of any SPF suppliers that can sell me the shrimp here in California?  I’ve spent six months looking for a source for Penaeus vannamei and Macrobrachium rosenbergii; but still have not found anyone that can actually sell me shrimp.  Perhaps I should grow my own SPF shrimp here in California?


Josh Wilkenfeld ( Try contacting Lorenzo Juarez at Shrimp Improvement Systems in Islamorada, Florida, USA (  Shrimp Improvement Systems produces Penaeus vannamei broodstock and has a long-established SPF breeding program.  As part of that work, it is always producing some PLs, and during the peak USA stocking season (April-June), it produces for shrimp farmers.  You should have no problem getting the number of PLs you mentioned...and your PLs will be certified high health, with veterinary certificates on their health and origin.  Since the PLs are born and bred in the USA, there are no import hurdles to clear, although the above certificates are still required by most states.


Sean Mulvey ( You can buy PLs from Harlingen Shrimp Farms in Texas and Miami Aquaculture in Florida.  A few years back, I went through the same process that you’re going through now.  Here’s some good advice.  Get ready for your first delivery of PLs.  Once you make a deal with one of the hatcheries, you must have a tank or large aquarium set up at the right water temperature to receive the bags of postlarvae.  You have to slowly acclimate them to your water, but you can’t keep them in the delivery bags very long.  You may need a bottle of oxygen to give them a little boost during the acclimation process.


Dallas Weaver ( Shrimp Improvement Systems (1-305-852-0872) in Florida and some producers in Hawaii have SPF shrimp that qualify for a California F&G import permit.  Devin Bartley (1-916-651-7824) is the Aquaculture Coordinator at California Fish and Game and can help you with the details.  If you call the PLs ornamentals and take delivery of SPF animals via FedEx, there should be no issues.


Louis Botero ( Here is Michael Mogollon’s contact information (phone 1-863-599-0603, email


Roberto Chamorro ( Back to the original inquiry: $4.00 per thousand, FOB Panama, certified free of WSSV, IHHNV, NHP and IMNV.  If you’re interested, contact me off list.


Source: 1. The Shrimp List (a mailing list for shrimp farmers).  PL-12 Price.  January 29 to February 21, 2009. 2. Summarized by Bob Rosenberry, Shrimp News International, February 27, 2009.

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