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These reports are in a constant state of revision. If you would like to correct or add information to one of them, contact Bob Rosenberry at

Shrimp Bites Hollywood: In the summer of 1994, the movie "Forrest Gump" created a big stir in the shrimp industry because of its shots of shrimp cooking and shrimp fishing. Did you know that good old Forrest was a shrimp farmer in the book? Read on. He makes a fortune! Pictures.

Shrimp Country: With colorful pictures on almost every page and short stories about commercial shrimp fishing sprinkled throughout, Anna Marlis Burgard’s new cookbook (September 2016)—Shrimp Country—honors the shrimp fishermen on the South Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States. 

Cheap: When I first saw the cover of Cheap at my local Barnes and Noble bookstore, I quickly checked the index to make sure I wasn’t mentioned.  Nothing on me—but shrimp got six pages!

Shrimp News Gives Canada’s University of British Columbia Graduate School of Journalism a C Minus for Its Reporting on Shrimp Farming in Thailand

The Queen of Shrimp Pornography: Isabella Rossellini.  Video.

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