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Pond Ecology

These reports are in a constant state of revision. If you would like to correct or add information to one of them, contact Bob Rosenberry at


Shrimp Behavior 101: It’s midnight. Do you know where your shrimp are? Rod McNeil knows because he’s underwater with lights watching them.


Diving Shrimp Ponds with Alec Forbes (1940–2007): Alec always chatters about diving his shrimp ponds, so I emailed him a list of questions about diving shrimp ponds.  Read his resume at the end of the interview.


Biofloc Technology (Third Edition):In 2009, the World Aquaculture Society published Biofloc Technology, a book authored by Dr. Yoram Avnimelech that reviewed the status of biofloc technology in aquaculture.  The first edition quickly sold out, so in 2012, a corrected and expanded second editions was published in consultation with Dr. Craig Browdy, manager of WAS publications.  Two years later, in 2014, the second edition sold out, so in consultation with Dr. Joseph Tomasso, WAS book editor, WAS decided to publish a third edition, which has been updated and re-edited to contain the vast amount of information on biofloc technology that has accumulated over the past two years.


Meet the Flockers: Will “bio-flocs” make shrimp farming the most environmentally friendly agriculture industry in the world? Names, titles, affiliations, addresses and contact information on the 26 participants. Searchable.


An Update on Dr. Tzachi Samocha’s Researcj on Super-Intensive, Zero-Exchange, Biofloc Systems: Dr. Tzachi Samocha, a Regents Fellow and Professor at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Mariculture Lab in Flour Bluff, Texas, USA, conducts research on super-intensive, zero-exchange, biofloc shrimp farming systems. He hopes to develop a commercial system that could be located close to inland urban markets in the United States. In biofloc systems, bacteria gobble up shrimp waste products and create a nutritious food chain that the shrimp feed on. What could be more beautiful than that? In the fall of 2012, Samocha completed two new studies on his system.


John Ogle’s Biofloc System Early Promise and Then Problems:John wanted to create a shrimp farming system that would be profitable in the United States.


Dr. David Brune Designs New, Algal-Based System to Farm Marine Shrimp in Central Missouri, USA. Map and Pictures.

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