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Aquaculture Automatic Feeder Market


Global Aquaculture Automatic Feeding Machines Market covers the innovations and developments taking place in automatic feeders.  It includes details of the industry leaders, focusing on the United States, Europe, China, India, Southeast Asia and Japan.  It also lists prices, traders, distributors, sellers and manufacturers of auger, belt and vibrating auto feeders from the following manufacturers:


Pioneer A.E. Company Limited (Taiwan)

Pentair AES (USA)

Aquaculture Equipment, Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Vónin (Norway)

Spirex Aquatec (United Kingdom)

Fish Farm Feeder (Spain)

Asakua (Turkey)

Dynamic Aqua-Supply (Canada)



Price: Single user $2,960; corporate user $3,800!


Information: You can request a sample copy of this report at: News attempted to order a sample of the report, but after four failed attempts, I gave up.  Also, the press release announcing the report was a mess of redundancies, bad writing, mistakes and missing information.


Update: Apparantly, one of my emails did get through to, the company that’s marketing the report for the publisher ICR World Research, and I did receive a link to a detailed index of everything that’s in the report.  If you have any interest in purchasing this report, I strongly recommend that you check out the sample/index first.  The full 106-page report appears to be loaded with good, well-documented information.


Sources: 1. InvestDailyNews.  Global Aquaculture Automatic Feeding Machines Market Overview 2017- Fish Farm Feeder, Pioneer A.E. Company Limited and Aquaculture Equipment.  Aldis Clarke.  No. Date (received December 3, 2017).  2. Bob Rosenberry, Shrimp News International, December 5, 2017.

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