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Viet UC Indoor System




Viet-UC is a large-scale, intensive shrimp farm in Vietnam.  It also runs one of the largest shrimp hatchery operations in the world, currently producing around 15 billion postlarvae a year, but capable of producing around 40 billion postlarvae a year from seven hatcheries.  It’s the only hatchery in Vietnam licensed to operate a breeding and genetics program.


Since 2015, the company has been working on the expansion of its growout operation, which is highly intensive and conducted in 500-m2 ponds.  Viet-UC utilizes about 600 hectares of land at two sites in Central Vietnam (Binh Dinh and Quang Ninh Provinces) and has facilities at two sites (50 and 315 hectares) in Bac Lieu Province, Mekong Delta.  By 2020, growout operations are expected to cover 1,000 hectares, with around 550 greenhouses or 10,000 ponds.


Viet-UC’s approach to intensive, large-scale farming results in higher densities, increased harvest volumes and better and cleaner shrimp.  The company wants to show that with adequate investment and better management, intensive farming systems can result in better products, higher market prices and an improved image for Vietnam’s shrimp products.  Sharing this same philosophy, INVE Aquaculture is working closely with Viet-UC’s management team to optimize its operations and protocols.  The growout expansion strategy of the company will include indoor facilities, sustainable yields and zero water exchange.


INVE is supporting Viet-UC with continuous on-site assistance through a technical support team that includes shrimp culture experts with an accumulated experience of more than 185 years.  It has a complete portfolio of products specifically developed to support shrimp growout production.


Source: AQUA Culture AsiaPacific (Editor/Publisher, Zuridah Merican, email zuridah@aquaasiapac.com).  Zero Water Exchange Super-Intensive Indoor Shrimp Production.  Manuel Poulain (Email m.poulain@inveaquacuiture.com).  Volume 13, Number 4, Page 19, July/August 2017.  Manuel Poulain, the author of this report, has been with INVE Aquaculture since 2015.  His role is to help shrimp farmers throughout Asia, based on his 20 years of extensive experience in hatchery and farm operations.  During the last ten years, he managed the establishment of the first commercially successful indoor zero-water-exchange, biofloc-shrimp farm in Spain.


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