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Phu Yen Province Expansion


In an attempt to expand the value of its shrimp crop to $100 million a year by 2025, the central coastal province of Phu Yen is going to concentrate on “high-tech” shrimp farming.  The province will set aside $2.4 million to zone-off farming areas, upgrade infrastructure, breed better shrimp, study environmental and disease issue, transfer technology and promote trade and investment.


Farming areas will be reorganized to create large-scale production zones linked to markets.


By 2020, Phu Yen hopes to reduced the number of hectares in shrimp production from 2,028 to 1,943, but increase production from 6,760 to 9,950 metric tons of shrimp a year.


The province is planning to produce six billion shrimp postlarvae a year, along with 18,000 lobster-farming cages.


Phu Yen’s shrimp farming area is mostly situated in Dong Hoa and Tuy An districts and in Song Cau town.  Last year, the province produced nearly 6,800 metric tons of shrimp and 650 tons of lobster.


Source: Vietnam Plus.  Phu Yen Applies High Technology in Shrimp Farming.  August 13, 2017.


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