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Ca Mau Peninsula Intensive Shrimp Farming

The Prime Minister of Vietnam has approved the establishment of a 420-hectare, intensive, shrimp farming zone in Bac Lieu Province that will serve all the provinces on the Ca Mau Peninsula.  Close to 500,000 to 600,000 hectares of shrimp farms on the peninsula will benefit from the project, which

encourages the application of the latest science and technology.


The Ca Mau Peninsula boasts the largest shrimp farming area in the Mekong Delta with nearly 552,000 hectares of shrimp ponds in 2015, accounting for 89 percent of the Delta’s total area of shrimp ponds.


Though Bac Lieu Province ranked second in shrimp farming hectares (124,000 after Ca Mau Province’s 280,000 hectares), its output leads the region with production of nearly 105,000 metric tons a year.


Source: English.m.vov.vn.  Bac Lieu Strives To Become Centre of Shrimp Industry.  August 28, 2017.


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