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Ca Mau Province Big Projections


By 2020, according to the Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ca Mau Province, located in the Mekong Delta, hopes to have 280,000 hectares of shrimp ponds, including 267,000 hectares of improved-extensive ponds, 12,000 hectares of semi-intensive ponds and 1,000 hectares of intensive and super-intensive ponds.  It expects to produce 280,000 metric tons of shrimp, worth $2 billion, from those ponds.  By 2030, the province expects those figures to jump to 415,000 tons worth $3 billion.


To achieve these goals, a consulting group will be established to support enterprises with administrative procedures and environmentally friendly farming techniques.  The province also plans to build a brand name for Ca Mau shrimp, choose prestigious agricultural material suppliers and provide disease-free shrimp to farmers.


Source: Vietnam Plus.  Ca Mau Targets Shrimp Exports of 2 Billion USA by 2020.  May 19, 2017.