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Bad Wiring Kills Shrimp Farmers




Fatal electrical accidents have been increasing at an alarming rate on shrimp farms in the Mekong Delta.  Local farmers are being blamed for the problem because of their carelessness and unsafe use of power cables.  In many cases, the farms run wires from their homes to their ponds through temporary poles made of bamboo or iron.


In February, a farmer died after accidentally touching worn electrical wire near his shrimp pond in Sóc Trăng Province.  Another farmer died when fixing an engine at his shrimp pond.  These were among the 25 fatal electrical accidents reported in the first nine months of 2017, according to the provincial branch of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).


In Cà Mau Province, the key shrimp farming area in the Mekong Delta, the number of deaths was even higher.  Figures from the provincial EVN branch revealed that 34 accidents occurred in 2017, killing 26 people and seriously injuring eight others.  Similar problems are occurring elsewhere in the Mekong Delta.


Nguyễn Văn Đô, director of the provincial Department of Trade and Commerce, said the power companies and local authorities plan to deliver better power systems to 10,810 shrimp farming households with a total investment of $15.7 million.


Source:  Fatal Electrical Accidents on the Rise in Delta.  October 24, 2017.


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