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Metabisulfite Replacement from Avocado Seeds


Green Solutions is looking for investors in its natural antioxidant preservative that’s extracted from avocado seeds and used as a replacement for metabisulfite, commonly used to prevent black spots on harvested shrimp.  Not only does it work better than metabisulfite, but it’s also cheaper.


Green Solutions entered the Aquaculture Innovation Challenge in Ho Chi Minh City in September 2017, making it through to the final five companies in the competition.


It’s looking for $90,000 to begin mass production of its product.  In pilot tests, one metric ton of shrimp was treated with the avocado product for $1.74, which would have cost $3.00 with metabisulfite.


A representative of Green Solutions said, “We’re ready to go to market....  We are...looking for partnerships with shrimp producers, so that they can test our product.  We will sell directly to the factory, but also to the farmers because they...cannot afford to have freezing machines to lower the temperature and protect their shrimp.  They need some other solution to protect their product from getting spoiled.”


Once at a commercial level, the founders of Green Solution believe they can generate sales of $20,000 per month.  They are estimating profits of $50,000 in their first year and $95,000 in the second year.


Information: Adeyemi Ademiluyi and Willem van der Pijl, Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal, ‘t Goylaan 15, 3525 AA Utrecht, The Netherlands (Phone +31-1064-21-77, Email, Webpage


Source: Undercurrent News (eight free news reads every month).  Editor, Tom Seaman (  Avocado Over Chemicals: the Firm Hoping to Revolutionize Shrimp Preservatives.  Neil Ramsden (  October 3, 2017.


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