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United Kingdom/Colombia

Benchmark Buys Ceniacua’s Breeding Program


In August 2016, United Kingdom aquaculture technology group Benchmark Holdings acquired the shrimp breeding program of Colombia’s Centro de Investigacion de la Acuicultura de Colombia (Ceniacua) and then spent a considerable amount of time setting up the tough import requirements and breeding programs for it in Southeast Asia.  Malcolm Pye, Benchmarks’ CEO, says the Ceniacua specific pathogen resistance (SPR) shrimp has proven resistance to early mortality syndrome and whitespot diseases.  Now, Benchmark is carrying out small-scale breeding programs in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam and plans to scale-up the availability of its SPR shrimp in 2018.


Pye said, “We’ve have stock that’s carrying specific pathogen resistance to a number of major diseases, and it’s completely resistant to some of them, so our opportunity is to take this stock from the Colombian market...and get it out into the wider market.”  The shrimp industry has adopted a high-growth program that led to shrimp becoming increasingly less resistant to disease, Pye said.  Instead of prioritizing genetics to improve shrimp health, the industry is focusing more on growing shrimp at faster rates so they can be processed before getting diseases.


Benchmark also owns INVE Aquaculture Holding BV (INVE), a supplier of probiotics and feeds to shrimp farms and hatcheries worldwide.


Information: Malcolm Pye, Chief Executive, Benchmark Holdings, Benchmark House, 8 Smithy Wood Drive, Sheffield S35 1QN, United Kingdom (Phone 44-0-1142-409-939 Email, Webpage


Information: Centro de Investigacion de la Acuicultura de Colombia (Ceniacua), Cra 70 F No. 78 A-84, Calle 32 No. 8A-33 CC, La Matuna Ofic. 215, Cartagena, Colombia (Phone + 57-6-6601265, Email, Webpage


Source: Undercurrent News (eight free news reads every month).  Editor, Tom Seaman (  Benchmark Starts Trials of Disease-Resistant Shrimp in Southeast Asia.  Matt Craze (  October 13, 2017.


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