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Texas— Durwood Dugger on NaturalShrimp


In response to the report on NaturalShrimp that appeared on my webpage on May 2, 2017, Durwood Dugger, a shrimp farming consultant, submitted the following comments:


With NaturalShrimp, there is always something about to happen that’s going catapult it into a big shrimp farm—soon or next year or someday; however, its stock price does not reflect any recognition of imminent success.


Your source notes its production costs of over $5 a pound.  In the wholesale market, for the typical indoor-production sizes of 26/30 to 41/50 count shrimp, prices are below $5.00 pound!


Additionally, Ingersoll Rand, its current big hope, is not a Fortune “200” company as your source stated.  It’s a Fortune “2000” company.  Forbes ranks it at 662.  What’s another zero among friends?


The photograph of NaturalShrimp’s tank system shows a noncommercial design.  Using random air diffusion, the system does not appear to have enough circulation power to efficiently consolidate, collect and separate solid wastes, making it unnecessarily labor intensive, with the potential of increasing stress and disease.  In my opinion, this implies that the system has not undergone any significant commercial scaling or economic efficiency evolution, making it a prototype shrimp production system at best.  Consequently, the production system in the photo is not commercially ready, able, cost efficient, or representative of a refined and economically successful/profitable commercial shrimp production system.


Having said that, never rule out the possibility that some large company might drop a bundle of speculative investment cash on them.  We’ve all seen this kind of poorly assessed recirculating system over the past couple of decades.  I think anyone that does a competent technical and economic analysis of its shrimp production would consider it only a R&D investment.


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Durwood Dugger.  Subject: RAS Shrimp PR Assessments and Reality Updates.  May 3, 2017.