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Minnesota—trū Shrimp Update, June 24, 2017




trū Shrimp Company, an affiliate of Ralco, a third-generation, family-owned agriculture company with distribution in more than 20 countries, plans to build its first shrimp farm in Luverne, Minnesota.  A 9-acre building will be constructed with 256 stacked raceways—each measuring 8-feet high and 600-feet long that will produce an estimated 8.2 million pounds of shrimp annually.  If all goes as planned, the first shrimp produced at the farm will be ready for processing in July 2019.


Michael Ziebell, president and chief executive officer of trūShrimp Systems, said, “We’re going to build the foremost shrimp production facility in the world in the precincts of your city.  We’re going to build it along the interstate so the world can see it.  We’re going to build an observation deck so they can stop, see it, enjoy it, and understand what we’re going to do here.”


Minnesota companies are designing and building the equipment to be used in the shrimp processing facility to be located in Marshall, Minnesota, as well as the robotic feeders for the shrimp farm.


Later this summer or early fall, trūShrimp Systems anticipates offering investment opportunities.  Rather than open the investment to Wall Street or foreign countries, Ziebell said the Knochenmus family wants the investment opportunity to be available to local people.  “We want the people of the Upper Midwest, in particular in Minnesota, to have the opportunity,” he said, adding that the goal is to make the Luverne shrimp farm a cooperative.


The shrimp processing facility in Marshall may require up to 60 employees, and the hatchery, also in Marshall, will have an estimated 20 employees.  All employees will be trained at trūShrimp’s Balaton Bay Innovation Center, a training and engineering center offering a combination of classroom and hands-on training.


trūShrimp will grow shrimp in raceways with an average water depth of 12 inches, and it will have a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant so water can be recycled and reused.


“The whole shrimp world is watching what we’re doing,” Ziebell said.


Information: Ryan Wendland, Ralco/trū Shrimp, 330 3rd Street, Balaton, Minnesota 56115, USA (Phone 1-507-337-6819, Email, Webpage


Source: Agweek.  Luverne Celerates trūShrimp Announcement.  Julie Buntjer.  June 21, 2017.