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Minnesota—trū Shrimp Update


In a July 28, 2017, newspaper report, Michael Ziebell, president and chief executive officer of trū Shrimp Systems, which is developing a big shrimp farming company in Minnesota, mentioned a robot feeding system made by Action Trackchair.  Ziebell said, “They built us a robot that precisely feeds the shrimp down the length of the tidal basin.  It’s run by batteries and spreads the precise ration of feed, comes back, docks, recharges its batteries, refills its feed and makes the trip again.  It’s a machine like no other in the world.”


Ziebell said that they hadn’t gotten started on genetics yet, and then said: “Today, we have a dialog going with four leading companies across the world for shrimp genetics.  So that’s the next piece of the puzzle that we will pursue.  We have one genetic group that claims they can cut the [growout] time to 35 grams in half.  That would double the production of the harbor.  We’re on uncharted ground, and we’re pretty excited about the direction we’re going.”


Information: Michael Ziebell, trū Shrimp Systems, 330 3rd Street, Balaton, Minnesota 56115, USA (Phone 1-844-220-7574, Email michael.ziebell@trushrimpsystems.com, Webpage http://ralcoagriculture.com/category/tru-shrimp/).


Source: Independent.  Candidate for Governor Visits trū Shrimp in Balaton.  Jenny Kirk.  July 28, 2017.


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