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Maine—Shrimp Farm at Power Plant


Stored Solar plans to build a shrimp farm at one of its power plants that generates electricity from biomass.  It’s about to receive a $500,000 state-backed loan to build the shrimp farm on one if its properties, despite allegations that it owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to wood suppliers and contractors and has failed to pay last year’s $90,000 tax bill in Jonesboro, Maine, where one of its plants is located.


The $500,000 loan is for the design, engineering and construction of three shrimp farm buildings next to its plant, in West Enfield, Maine.


The Maine Rural Development Authority has conditionally approved the loan for Katahdin Shrimp Farm LCC, which is solely owned by Stored Solar West Enfield LLC.  The money would help finance a novel plan aimed at making the biomass plant—an aging but important component of Maine’s forest economy—profitable.


Bill Harrington, Stored Solar’s vice president, declined to discuss the shrimp farm and said his company would have no comments at this time for the media.


At an energy forum in the spring of 2017, Harrington referenced an experienced shrimp farmer who could produce 10,000 pounds a year in tanks located in covered buildings, using the power plant’s heat.


Information: Bill Harrington, Vice President, Stored Solar, 62 Whitneyville Road, Machias, Maine 04654, USA (Phone 1-219-712-4764, Email, Webpage


Source:  State-Backed Loans Pending for Troubled Company’s Shrimp Farms.  Tux Turkel (Email  October 2, 2017.


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