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United States

Shrimp Imports in the First Seven Months of 2017


July 2017 shrimp imports show a continued upward trend, up close to 16%, compared to the first seven months of 2016.  India leads the pack by a hefty margin, nearly double that of its closest competitor Indonesia.  Year-to-date numbers reflect the same picture, as India again continues to outstrip its nearest competitor by nearly 90,000 million pounds.  As for the remaining countries, only Indonesia showed a decline for the month, with all other countries reporting increases.


Year-to-date numbers, however, reveal a different story as Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico join Indonesia in showing declines from last year.  In total, the USA has imported nearly 10% more shrimp than last year, which set a record.  Major suppliers continue to get higher prices for their shrimp.  Competition for shrimp around the world has increased as demand has strengthened in China and the European Union.  The shrimp market is unlikely to soften anytime soon, especially during the holiday buying season.  Customers and consumers should be aware that the shrimp cocktail in their favorite restaurant might start costing more.


Source: Ken’s Catch (a free, email-based newsletter for the seafood industry).  Editor Ken Salzinger (phone 1-609-664-2253, cell 1-732-261-3358, email  September 10, 2017.


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