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California—Some Excerpts from Ken’s Catch


The National Fisheries Institute, a trade group that represents the seafood industry, has released its top-ten list of favorite seafood among USA consumers in 2016.  At the top of the list and certainly no surprise is shrimp!


USA shrimp import numbers for September 2017 were nearly 14% higher than those in September 2016, as expected.  Year-to-date numbers have increased by 9.7%, trending towards another record year.  In fact, total shrimp imports, through September 2017, are just over 1.0 billion pounds.  As a comparison, last year’s total shrimp imports were 1.3 billion pounds.  We could possibly exceed 1.4 billion pounds in 2017.  Despite these increases in volume, there has been little softening of prices in the marketplace.  In fact, prices have remained steady or even increased marginally.


Everyone is waiting to see what the European Union will do regarding banning shrimp out of India.  Based on various reports, we could anticipate a totally different marketplace with countries like Ecuador, Argentina and Vietnam, trying to carve out a larger presence in view of India’s departure from a huge market.  And what about India?  Will the USA, in a knee-jerk reaction, emulate the EU and partially or possibly totally ban Indian shrimp from reaching our shores?  And will India’s plans for growth go awry with the potential loss of two huge markets, leaving China as its primary destination market, or actually Vietnam?  Based on reports out of the Qingdao seafood show, Indian exporters believe that European authorities will not implement sanctions to halt shrimp imports.  In fact, a delegation from the EU is expected to arrive later this month to inspect facilities, during which the Indian exporters feel very strongly the EU authorities will be extremely happy.


Source: Ken’s Catch (a free, email-based newsletter for the seafood industry).  Editor Ken Salzinger (phone 609-664-2253, cell 732-261-3358, email  November 5, 2017.


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