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United States/China

California—Undercurrent News Interviews Sunnyvale Seafood


There are few seafood companies with more aggressive growth plans than China-based Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products and its USA division Sunnyvale Seafood.  Following are some excerpts from a long interview that Undercurrent News conducted with Sunnyvale Seafood president Jeff Sedacca and CEO Kevin Tang:


Undercurrent News: As Sunnyvale Seafood and your parent company, Guolian Aquatic, wade into a consolidation wave, what kind of products, market share or other things are you looking to gain through acquisition?


Kevin Tang: We do very well in the Chinese domestic market, so we are looking to make acquisitions in other countries to sell more to China.


Jeff Sedacca: We are exploring many options to strengthen our supply line into China.  That’s a radical shift—a big change from thinking of China as the producer and the USA as the market.  Now our company is very focused on China being a market as well as a supplier, so we are looking for other sources to bolster our supply line.


Undercurrent News: Why do you think India is emerging as a major source of shrimp?  Do you see that trend continuing?


Jeff Sedacca: That trend is going to continue for two reasons.  First, India has a huge amount of as-yet undeveloped land that is applicable for shrimp farming, and second, it has an extensive Penaeus monodon farming system that is switching over to more intensive P. vannamei production.


Undercurrent News: Do you feel like everybody is catching on to this?  Do you think you might have a lot of competition for India’s shrimp?


Jeff Sedacca: Yes, absolutely, everybody is catching on, but four or five years ago we recognized this, so we’ve been very actively promoting the Global Aquaculture Alliances’ Best Aquaculture Practices Certification (BAP) in India, knowing that India was going to be where a lot of the future expansion would develop.


Undercurrent News: There has been a lot of talk of a ban on Indian shrimp in the European Union due to the discovery of antibiotic residues in its shrimp exports.  What does Sunnyvale Seafood do to guard against excessive amounts of antibiotic residues in the shrimp it is importing into the USA from India and other places?


Kevin Tang: We have our own farm compliance programs, BAP certification and many of our major customers have their own specific antibiotic testing protocols.  We are testing everything before it leaves the country.


Undercurrent News: How many different shrimp suppliers are you working with in India?


Jeff Sedacca: We have a highly trained staff in India that works closely with about half a dozen suppliers who are directly connected to the shrimp farms.


Information: Jeff Sedacca and Kevin Tang, Sunnyvale Seafood, 2910 Faber Street, Union City, California 94587, USA (Phone 1-510-477-0008, Fax 1-510-972-6148, Email, Webpage


Source: Undercurrent News (eight free news reads every month).  Editor, Tom Seaman (  Sunnyvale’s Top Execs Talk M&A Plans, India’s Unstoppable Shrimp Growth.  Jason Huffman (  October 2, 2017.


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