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Minnesota—Trū Shrimp Breaks Ground on Pilot Project


On September 18, 2017, trū Shrimp Company broke ground on a new 12,000-square-foot employee training and test-of-concept facility, which it hopes to open next summer.  It will contain a stacked raceway system capable of producing 65,000 pounds of shrimp a year, but production won’t be the facility’s main focus.  The facility will serve as “our final engineering check” to test trū Shrimp’s production technology and as an area where trū Shrimp employees can be trained, Ziebell said.  A full-sized shrimp production facility would have a staff of about 70 people, he said.


The training facility will be just one part of trū Shrimp’s plans to establish a shrimp farming industry in the Midwest.  Other planned facilities include a full-size production facility in Luverne, Minnesota, and a shrimp hatchery and processing facility in Marshall, Minnesota.


The opportunity to help shrimp farming thrive was one reason Minnesota State Representative Chris Swedzinski authored a bill in the Minnesota House of Representatives to provide incentives to entrepreneurs who want to get into shrimp farming.


Information: Michael Ziebell, trū Shrimp Systems, 330 3rd Street, Balaton, Minnesota 56115, USA (Phone 1-844-220-7574, Email, Webpage


Source: Independent.  Trū Shrimp Breaks Ground for Training and Engineering Center in Balaton.  Deb Gau.  September 19, 2017.


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