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USA’s Imports and India’s Exports


In the July 9, 2017, addition of Ken’s Catch (a free, email-based newsletter on the seafood business), editor Ken Salzinger reports:


The shrimp import numbers for the USA are in for May 2017, and the upward trend of the previous four months continues.  Total imports were just over 118 million pounds, an increase of nearly 23% over May 2016.  This brings the yearly total to over 1/2 billion pounds, an increase of nearly 7%, compared to the same period in 2016.  Surprisingly, of the top exporters, only India, Ecuador and China showed increases with others such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico all showing declines.  India continues to lead the way, more than doubling its exports from May 2016, an increase of over 50 million pounds year to date.  And yet, even with the increased imports, pricing in this country is pretty much static.  It is readily apparent that India wants to stake a claim to being the largest shrimp exporter in the world.  The only issues that might prevent India from reaching its goal are tariffs and disease.


For those who don’t follow the shrimp market as closely as I do, you may be unaware that India did not become a major shrimp exporter to the USA until recently.  In fact, up until Thailand’s EMS epidemic, India was not one of the biggest suppliers to the USA.  In fact, if you go back to 2008 and run the import numbers for the first five months since 2011, India exported a total of 64,540 million pounds for all four years.  However, in the first five months of this year, India exported 149,138 million pounds, more than double those of the aforementioned four years.  While recent numbers reflect India’s growth as a shrimp exporter, it wasn’t until this year that it began to dominate global markets.  At the end of India’s most recent fiscal year, it had exported nearly one billion pounds of shrimp worldwide, an increase of 16.2%.  Moreover, the USA was not alone in receiving Indian exports as it accounted for only 29.8%.  Other countries that received shrimp out of India were Southeast Asia, including China and Vietnam, with 23.3%, EU with 17.7% and Japan with 7.2%.


Source: Ken’s Catch (a free, email-based newsletter on the seafood business).  Editor Ken Salzinger (phone 609-664-2253, cell 732-261-3358, email  July 9, 2017.