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May 13, 2014



Live Brine Shrimp Naups Delivered


Following the establishment in 2013 of its initial Nauplii Center in Chonburi, Thailand, I&V-BIO has recently opened a new production facility in Phang Nga, Phuket, Thailand.


The Nauplii Center in Chonburi will continue to deliver daily, fresh, live Artemia nauplii (INSTART 1 and INSTART Enriched) to central Thailand.   The new facility in Phuket has twice the capacity of the Chonburi facility and delivers nauplii to shrimp hatcheries in southern Thailand.


The company’s INSTART 1 product has been very well received in the market and demand continues to grow for it.  Both plants operate 24/7 to meet the daily needs of their customers.  INSTART 1 is appreciated because it’s pure Artemia nauplii—no impurities, no damaged animals and no Vibrio.  It’s delivered as a consistent live-paste in 800-gram trays.  INSTART 1 enables hatcheries to follow strict biosecure protocols, while relieving them from the burden of hatching unstable Artemia cysts in an unstable environment.


To further strengthen the health of shrimp postlarvae, I&V-BIO is now offering INSTART E (“Enriched” Artemia nauplii) to hatcheries, nurseries and farms.


INSTART E is produced in 3-steps:


Step 1: Enrichment with high quality DHA SELCO

Step 2: Enrichment with alfalfa extract from BIO-5 (amino acids, carotenoids)

Step 3: Enrichment with ELVAN, a blend of herb extracts, proven for their powerful anti-Vibrio effect and their pre-biotic properties


All three enrichments help create a healthier more immune PL.


I&V-BIO is currently working with partners in India, Vietnam and continues to look for suitable joint venture partners in Southeast Asia, Europe and Latin America.


Information: For more information on INSTART 1 and INSTART E technology, contact: Frank Indigne, I&V Bio, Ltd., Co., Bangkok, Thailand (phone 66-81-846-2901, email, webpage!products/gallerypage).


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Frank Indigne at I&V Bio, Ltd., Co. Subject: Update on I&V Bio Ltd. Co.  May 13, 2013.

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