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South Africa

Processing Equipment for Sale, Deep Discounts


Connie Muller writes: I recently bought the assets of a shrimp farm in South Africa.  I wanted the farming equipment (the tanks, pumps and filters) but not the processing equipment (deveining machines, steam cookers, dual head weighing and measuring machines, and bin dumpers).  We have no use for the processing equipment and wish to sell it.  Its total value is about $2.9 million.  We will sell it for $290 thousand (10% of its original value).  The stuff has never been used and is still in the shipping crates from Sort-Rite in the USA.




Information: Connie Muller, IBHONGO TRADERS (PTY) LTD, P.O. Box 27197, Greenacres, South Africa 6057 (Email, Phone +27-828811365, Facebook


Source: Emails to Shrimp News International from Connie Muller.  Subject: Shrimp Processing Equipment.  July 10, 2017.