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Who Is Victor Suresh?


Victor Suresh joined Ralston Purina International in 1996 as an intern in its Research and Technology department after completing his Ph.D. in aquaculture at the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, USA.  He became the International Director of Aquaculture in Purina’s spinoff Agribrands International in 1998 and was responsible for global feed product standards, formulation technology, research and technical sales support.  When Agribrands was bought by Cargill, he moved back to his home country India as an independent professional and helped Cargill Animal Nutrition build its first shrimp feed plant in India.  He also helped Bentoli, Inc., an American feed additive company, establish its presence in Asia.  In 2008, he moved to Brunei to work full-time as the Director of Nutrition and Feeds for George Chamberlain’s Integrated Aquaculture International and helped oversee the expansion of a feed research facility for domesticated blue shrimp and black tiger shrimp and the development of a technical services program for the company.


In 2013, he moved to Singapore to found his own company United Research (Singapore) Pte., Ltd., which provides technical services to nutrition and feed companies in the aquaculture and livestock sectors.  The services include ingredient knowledge, feed formulation and technical support to customers, emphasizing innovation and continuous improvement through research and development.  Clients include feed companies like Growel Feeds (India), Quality Feeds (Bangladesh), Global Feeds (Indonesia) and nutrition companies like Bentoli (USA) and Menon Renewable Products (USA).  Suresh collaborates with third-party labs, research institutions and supplier companies to help his clients improve their research and development.  Improving sustainability of shrimp production through a focus on feeds and nutrition is one of his passions.


Information: Victor Suresh, Managing Director, United Research (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. (Cell Phones, Singapore +65-9789-1414, India +91 96000 37144, Skype avsuresh, Email, Webpage


Source: Victor Suresh in response to an email from Shrimp News International.  Subject: Short Bio.  June 20, 2017.