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January 14, 2016

Saudi Arabia

Video—National Aquaculture Group


For a new, five-minute, high-definition video of the National Aquaculture Group’s vertically integrated fish and shrimp farm on the Red Sea, click on the link in the Source below.  At its isolated location, 180 kilometers south of Jeddah, all the infrastructure had to be built at the site, including: a 42-megawatt power plant, hundreds of kilometers of roads and canals, schools, laundry, supermarket, entertainment centers, feed mill, laboratories, broodstock facilities and processing plant.


Here are some statistics on the farm from the video:


• A 200-square-kilometer site

• 65 kilometers of coastline

• Production of 100,000 metric tons of seafood a year.

• 3 pumping stations with a capacity of 150 cubic meters a second

• 2,500 people living on site

• Production 5 billion nauplii and 2 billion postlarvae a year

• 500, ten-hectare ponds

• Production 35,000 metric tons of shrimp year

• Processing capacity of 150 metric tons of shrimp a day with two shifts a day


Information: National Aquaculture Group, P.O. Box 20, Al-Laith 21961, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (phone +966-17-732-9999, fax +966-17-732-9000, email, webpage


Source:  Video: National Aquaculture Group, Barramundi Fish Farm, Sea Cages, Vannamei Shrimp Farming, Saudi Arabia.  January 13, 2016.

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