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Phu Yen Province Shrimp Farmers Achieve
Good Results with Polyculture




In Phu Yen Province, polyculturing shrimp with other species (crabs, fish, oysters and fish) is preventing disease, decreasing the use of chemicals and providing sustainable results.


Shrimp farmer Nguyen But from the Hoa Tam Commune, said: “I am breeding tilapia with shrimp in a family pond.  ...The water environment in the pond is better than previous years when I farmed only shrimp.  The pond’s bottom is no longer polluted by food leftovers, and the shrimp grow rapidly.  Although the profit is lower than the model of only shrimp..., I earn $4,400 to $5,280 from 1,800 square meters of water surface per crop.  Every year, I can raise two crops and the water environment is still guaranteed.”


Do Kim Dong, chief of Dong Hoa District’s agriculture department, said that in 2016, local authorities supplied tilapia fingerlings to shrimp farmers in four communes and towns for polyculture with shrimp.  “Tilapias can consume feed leftovers, limiting water pollution,” Dong said.


In neighboring Tuy An District, shrimp farmers are polyculturing shrimp with oysters, blue crabs, seaweed and fish.  Tran Sau, head of Tuy An District’s agriculture department said, “The combined shrimp raising model is bringing profit to farmers.”


Source: Vietnam Net Bridge.  Shrimp Proper in Mixed Ponds.  June 20, 2017.