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Nicovita’s New Shrimp Feed Research Center


Nicovita, a large aquaculture feed company in Latin America, has inaugurated its fourth Experimental Aquaculture Center—a $350,000 shrimp feed research center in the city of Trujillo.


It features a module for digestibility, made up of three independent sub-modules with water recirculation and temperature control systems, with a capacity for 168 experimental tanks that will allow it to analyze in vivo digestibility of current inputs as well as new ingredients.


It also features a module for culture trials, which is made up of 48 experimental tanks (also with water recirculation and temperature control systems), focused on evaluating performance of diets that are formulated with ingredients that achieve the best results in digestibility.


In addition, it houses a room exclusively for attractability tests, which contains 12 experimental tanks that are monitored in real time with video cameras to test the feed attractability and evaluate the effect of different additives or inputs on the shrimp’s acceptance of the feed.


Information: Nicovita (Webpage http://www.nicovita.com.pe/SitePages/en/nicovita.aspx, Email nicovita@vitapro.com.pe).


Source: Aquafeed.com (a free, online newsletter about the feeds used in fish and shellfish farming).  Editor, Suzi Fraser Dominy (editor@aquafeed.com).  Nicovita Inaugurates 4th Experimental Aquaculture Center in Peru.  August 29, 2017.

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