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New Mud Crab Hatchery




Located in Sarawak, East Malaysia, Neocrab, is a new mud crab farm that’s developing a mud crab hatchery in Sematan.


Neocrab is a registered trademark of Ginger and Coconut, Sdn., Bhd., and is led by its chief executive officer Dr. Colin Shelley, known for his FAO crab farming manual, Shelley has led many mud crab farming projects in Australia, Fiji and Micronesia, and provided consultancy services in many other countries.


Dr. Colin Shelley, said, “Sarawak is blessed to have all four species of mud crabs.  Currently, we are only using broodstock that’s available in the state.”  The four species of mud crabs are: Scylla Tranquebarica, Scylla Olivacea, Scylla Paramamosain and Scylla Serrata.

Information: Dr. Colin Shelley, Ginger and Coconut, Sdn., Bhd., Jalan Selang, 94500 Lundu, Sarawak, Malaysia (Phone +60-82-575-763).

Source: Borneo Post Online.  State Poised To Be Nation’s First Exporter of Mud Crabs.  Matthew Umpang (reporters@theborneopost.com).  September 3, 2017.

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