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Joint Venture in Shrimp Farming


In July 2017, Iran’s Hormoz Dam Company and France’s Crusta’C and Du Ble Au Soleil SASU signed a $20 million deal for the joint production and export of 1,000 metric tons of shrimp annually.  They agreed to form a joint holding company called “Crustapars” for the production of whole shrimp.  They will also use “Crustapars” as the name of their brand.  The French will transfer their shrimp farming technology to their Iranian counterparts, including breeding, larviculture, feeding, farming, processing packaging and marketing.  The financial arrangements among the companies have not been made public.


Ali Akbar Khodaei, the head of Iran’s Seafood Exporters Union, said Iran produced 20,000 metric tons of farmed shrimp in the year ending March 21, 2017, of which about 14,000 tons were exported mainly to the European Union, Russia, Southeast Asian, Vietnam, China and the Persian Gulf.  For the year ending, March 21, 2018, he estimated that production and exports would rise to 30,000 and 20,000 tons, respectively.


Information: Crusta C, Zi Buconis - Toulouse Route, 32600 L’Isle Jourdain, France (Phone +33-5-62-07-21-44,  Webpage


Information: Du Ble Au Soleil SASU, 54 Avenue Edouard Millaud, 69290 Craponne, France (Phone +33-0-6-38-99-46-76, Email, Webpage


Source: Facebook.  Mixed Iranian-French Firm to Produce and Export Shrimp.  July 5, 2017.


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