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I&V BIO, Artemia Nauplii, Delivered Live and Clean




Following the 2013 establishment of a pilot Artemia Nauplii Center in Thailand, I&V-BIO has completed construction of a state of the art facility in Kakinada, India, in partnership with the GEEKAY group.  The Indian facility, just like the one in Thailand, will produce 700-800, 800-gram trays of live, Instar 1 Artemia per day.  One tray is the equivalent of one can of Artemia cysts with a 70% hatch rate.  I&V BIO also plans to offer a range of state-of-the-art, dry diets by the end of 2018, and it is currently in the process of setting up Artemia Nauplii Centers in Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Ecuador!


The disadvantages of hatching your own Artemia:


• Farms need to buy sufficient Artemia cyst stocks = (cash drain).

• There are more than 100 different Artemia brands available (difficult choice).

• Quality (hatching percentages) as guaranteed on the packaging are

   seldom achieved.

• Hatching conditions such as light, temperature and aeration are difficult to control.

• The above conditions make managing Artemia supplies difficult.

• Separation of swimming nauplii from the non-hatched cysts and empty

   shells is a major challenge.

• Bacteria blooms fast during hatching and is difficult to control, often resulting

   in heavily contaminated Artemia and negatively affecting the health

   of the shrimp and quality of the tank water.



I&V-BIO Products


INSTART-1 is recognized for its pure Instar-1 Artemia nauplii with no impurities, damaged animals or Vibrio and offered in a consistent live-paste (800 grams per tray).  INSTART-1 enables hatcheries to follow strict biosecurity protocols relieving them of the burden of hatching Artemia cysts in often sub-optimal conditions.


INSTART-E: To further strengthen the health of shrimp postlarvae, I&V-BIO also offers INSTART-E (Enriched Artemia nauplii), produced in 3-steps:


Step 1: Enrichment with high-quality DHA SELCO from INVE.

Step 2: Enrichment with plant extracts high in amino acids and carotenoids.

Step 3: Enrichment with ELVAN, a blend of herb extracts, proven for their

            powerful anti-Vibrio effect and prebiotic properties.


M-BRYO: Decapsulated cysts in a paste form similar to our INSTAR-1 in 800-gram trays.


Information: Frank Indigne, CEO/Co-owner, I&V Bio Company, Ltd., 88/47 Moo 1, Bangbuathong-Pathum Thani Road, Bangtanai Sub-District, Pakkred District, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand (Phone +66-0-2159-0390, Email


Information: I&V bio India, Pvt., Ltd., Survey No 159/2, Vemavaram Vollage and Post, Thondangi Mandal, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh 533 408, India (Email, Phone +91-91700-70006).


Source: Email with an attachment from Frank Indigne (above) to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Press Release India.  November 7, 2017.


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