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India/European Union

Will the EU Ban Imports of Indian Shrimp?


Sources at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo (November 1-3, 2017) told Undercurrent News that Indian exporters are confident that European Union (EU) authorities will not ban imports of Indian shrimp!


An EU delegation is expected to visit India during November 2017.  Jagadish Thota, managing director of Indian processor Jagadeesh Marine, told Undercurrent News: “They [the EU authorities] will be pretty happy with the facilities and the precautions the government and the exporters are taking.  It’s not a matter of worry,” referring to the possibility of the introduction of sanctions.  “We were talking to the government last week, and they were confident that nothing like [a ban] would happen.  The reason for that is that India is a very needed country for the world at the moment.  So they cannot do something like this at this moment,” Thota said.


Growel Feeds, one of the largest shrimp feed suppliers in India, has built aquaculture labs to help educate local farmers on how to farm shrimp without antibiotics.  The firm’s executive director, M.V.N. Sesha Chary, told Undercurrent News that “good” healthcare products and probiotics could be used to avoid the use of antibiotics.  Chary said, “We do not use any antibiotics either in feed or shrimp.  We have over 250 managers working in the field, keeping ourselves away from those farms using antibiotics.  I don’t think sanctions will happen because when we have taken corrective actions, sanctions will not be needed.  Farmers are restraining their use of antibiotics.”


Source: Undercurrent News (eight free news reads every month).  Editor, Tom Seaman (  Indian Exporters Confident EU Will Not Issue Shrimp Ban.  Matilde Mereghetti (  November 3, 2017.


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