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The WestCoast Group




In the state of Gujarat, the WestCoast Group owns shrimp hatcheries, farms and processing plants, distributes shrimp feed and markets domestic and imported frozen food products.  “Cambay Tiger”, the company’s flagship consumer brand, is the most popular shrimp brand in India.


For past 20 years, its hatcheries have been developing shrimp farming clusters on India’s west coast.  It used to use manual counting to size its customer’s orders for PLs.  Now it uses an automated counting device manufactured by XpertSea, called “XpertCount”, to deliver reliable counts of PLs.  Using the automated device, it is able to count postlarvae faster and more accurately.


Rahul Kulkarni, Director of XpertSea, said, “It used to take two people 25 minutes to count the PLs from a random bag during packing.  Now, with the XpertCount, one person can count up to five bags in that time.  The XpertCount has completely replaced manual bag counting and increased our counting accuracy by 60 percent.”  XpertCount measures the size of the PLs while counting them.


Information: Francois Robitaille, Director, XpertSea, 1365 Avenue Galilée #100, Ville de Québec, QC G1P 4G4, Canada (Phone +1-581-981-9811, Email, Webpage


Information: Rahul Kulkarni, WestCoast Group, Cambay Tiger, 1401-D, Lotus Corporate Park, Gram Path, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400063, Maharashtra, India (Phone 022-6780 6780, Fax 022-6780 6700, Email


Source: International Aqua Feed.  Editor, Simon Davies (Phone +44-1242-267700, Email  WestCoast Hatcheries/Shrimp Post-Larvae.  Volume 20, Issue 9, Page 44, September 2017.


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