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WestCoast Group Signs Agreement with AKVA Group


The West Coast Group, which owns shrimp hatcheries, farms and processing plants on India’s west coast, has signed an agreement with Norway’s AKVA Group to mechanize and improve offshore fish farming, using large-scale cages and feed barges.  Trond Severinsen, Senior Vice President of Technology and Development at AKVA, said, “We also see there is a good potential to mechanize the feeding processes in India’s shrimp farming sector, using our well known Akvasmart Central Feed Systems.  Such innovation will help reduce production costs and improve growth and farming performance for [shrimp] farmers in India, as it has for salmon and finfish in other markets.”


AKVA also markets a system for farming copepods!


Information: Rahul Kulkarni, WestCoast Group, Cambay Tiger, 1401-D, Lotus Corporate Park, Gram Path, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400063, Maharashtra, India (Phone 022-6780-6780, Fax 022-6780-6700, Email


Source: FIS (  Editor, Analia Murias (  West Coast Partners AKVA.  October 11, 2017.

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