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Exports $4 Billion Worth of Farmed Shrimp


In 2016-2017, India exported approximately $4 billion worth of farmed shrimp, most of it Penaeus vannamei.  “Our shrimps are enjoying good acceptance in the USA,” said Kenny Thomas, exporter and vice president of the Seafood Exporters Association of India.  In the last few years, Indian shrimp have gained market share in the United States because shrimp diseases in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries caused their production to drop.


What if Thailand recovers?  How will that affect India’s shrimp trade?  “There is no threat even if Thailand recovers its production fully as our shrimps enjoy good recall value now,” Thomas said.  The USA takes 30% of India’s shrimp exports, and Southeast Asia takes 29% (re-exporting most of it).


Thomas pointed out that the European Union runs stringent quality checks on 50% of its shrimp imports, which explains why fewer Indian shrimp were going to the EU.


Over the last two years, buoyant seafood exports have led to an expansion of shrimp farming in several Indian states, and output has gone up at existing farms.  S. Muthukaruppan, former president of Society of Aquaculture Professionals, said, “The harvests so far have been very good.  And if the trend continues, shrimp production could touch 500,000 metric tons,” after reaching around 450,000 tons in 2016.


Prices, however, are down slightly from last year.  The price for [whole ??] 30-count shrimp is around $6.55 per kilo, about $0.31 to $0.47 lower than last year.  Prices will rise when the summer harvests are over, Muthukaruppan said.


Source: The Economic Times.  Shrimp Demand May Lift Seafood Exports to $6 Billion.  P.K. Krishnakumar.  July 27, 2017.


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