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European Commission May Ban Indian Shrimp


“Speculation” among United Kingdom shrimp importers is that the European Union is considering a ban on shrimp imports from India.  Trade sources say that there have been increasing rejections of Indian shrimp because they contained antibiotics like nitrofurans and chloramphenicol.  In addition to the UK ban, the European Commission (the executive arm of the European Union) is also believed to be blacklisting exporters whose products have been rejected.


The Commission is dissatisfied with the continued non-compliance and the lack of progress made by the Indian authorities.  An advisor to Seafish, which represents the UK seafood industry, wrote to importers: “While the Commission has not taken any official action (the issue does not appear on any EU agenda) the future of Indian aquaculture imports is looking bleak.  The directorate-general, health and food safety is seriously worried about the continuing finds of antibiotics in Indian shrimp and dissatisfied with the response so far of the Indian authorities.  In the light of what we know, it would be no surprise if we see the Commission put up a proposal at the next standing committees meeting that Indian aquaculture products be banned completely.  The Commission is on summer recess right now, so no new meetings will be taking place until September.


In 2016, the EU strengthened its inspection norms for shrimp products from India, increasing the percent of shrimp imports inspected from 10 to 50 percent.


Source: SmartInvestor.in.  Indian Seafood Exporters May Go Under Scanner in EU, Exports To Be Impacted.  Nirmalya Behera/Bhubaneswar.  August 5, 2017.


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