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Andhra Pradesh—Fluctuations in Shrimp Prices


Since the beginning of the harvest season, shrimp farmers in Andhra Pradesh, the Indian state with the greatest production of farmed shrimp, have expressed concern about the downward fluctuation in shrimp prices.  They accuse traders of hiking shrimp prices at the beginning of the season and slashing them at harvest time.  During the past month, the price for a kilo of shrimp has declined from $6.60 to $5.50, while the cost of production goes up every year.  As shrimp flood the market, a few farmers may make profits, while hundreds of others incurred losses.


The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N. Chandrababu Naidu said shrimp prices are decided by a few marine exporters.  Farmers urge the government to focus its attention on controlling the price of feed and medicines and demand that it stabilize prices from stocking to harvest.


Source: FIS (  Shrimp Farmers Express Concern Over Price Fluctuation.  May 30, 2017.