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BioMar’s Shrimp Hatchery Feeds


Based on fundamental research on nutritional requirements as well as processing technology, BioMar Group has consolidated a team of dedicated hatchery specialists to further develop its hatchery products.


Chris Dinneweth started at BioMar as Business Unit Manager for hatchery products earlier in 2017.  His long career in aquaculture started back in the mid-1980s.  He has worked in both fish and shrimp aquaculture as a researcher and manager in many different parts of the world.


Jef Peeters has worked for BioMar for several years, focusing on hatchery products for shrimp.  In previous positions as a nutritional engineer, he acquired experience developing shrimp hatchery feeds in Spain and Ecuador.  He holds the position of Shrimp Product Manager.


Information: Chris Dinneweth and Jef Peeters, BioMar Hellenic SA, 2nd Industrial Zone of Volos, Block No 6 GR-37500 Velestino, Greece (Phone +30-24250-61500, Fax +30-24250-24031, Email, Webpage


Source: BioMar News Release.  A Strong Team with Ambitious Goals.  July 3, 2017.