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Rodrigo Laniado on China


Rodrigo Laniado, president of Songa, one of the largest shrimp farming and processing companies in Ecuador, is preparing his family business to capitalize on China’s enormous appetite for shrimp.


Since the tender age of 15, Rodrigo has been assisting his family business, one of Ecuador’s oldest shrimp companies, to exhibit its product at seafood fairs around the world.  “In the early days, the Chinese buyers were barely in the picture, accounting for maybe 10% of our sales,” Rodrigo said.  “Then in 2013, we saw a massive spike in demand due to a disease that affected much of our competition in Southeast Asia.  I remember vividly after one of the fairs having a beer with peers from Alaskan salmon and Canadian lobster exporters.  We concluded that China is now so important that it basically controls the entire seafood market around the world.  If China buys, prices go up, and if they don’t buy, prices fall.”


“We need to ensure that our oceans are being fished responsibly, and we need to reduce our reliance on antibiotics in aquaculture practices.”  Failure to rectify the second may well result in human beings becoming resistant to antibiotics, a scenario that will have catastrophic ramifications.


“In China, people eat a lot of shrimp, maybe two to three times per week, which is already much higher than Europe.  There is, however, still huge untapped potential in the central and western parts of China to be explored,” Laniado said.  “I want to do with shrimp what the Chileans are doing with wine in China—Branding....  I want our family’s Champmar brand to be the top shrimp brand in China.”


Rodrigo hopes technology plays a big role in shrimp farming’s future.  “Our product lives under the water.  If someone develops an underwater drone that allows us to accurately scan and calculate the number of shrimp in each pond, it will have a huge impact on our ability to forecast,” he said.


Information: Rodrigo Laniado, Sociedad Nacional Galapagos, Av. Las Esclusas, Km. 3.5 Via Hcda. La Josefina, Guayaquil, Ecuador (Phone 593-4-259-1250, Fax 593-4-259-1256, Emails and, Webpage


Source: CEIBSHooking Chinese Consumers and Tackling Food Security with an MBA.  No Date.  Website visit on November 30, 2017.

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