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Reduce Dependency on Shrimp Exports to Vietnam


Rodrigo Laniado, president of Songa, one of the largest shrimp farming and processing companies in Ecuador, said Ecuadorian shrimp exporters should reduce their dependency on whole shrimp exports to Vietnam and increase their exports of value-added products to other countries.  Laniado also made the following points:


• Vietnam is currently Ecuador’s largest customer, accounting for almost half of its exports.  About 95% of those exports end up in China.  In 2016, Vietnam bought a total of 160,000 metric tons of shrimp from Ecuador, up from 108,000 tons in 2015.



• In the last three years, total Ecuadorian exports have increased 55% in volume and 25% in value.


• Since 2013, Ecuadorian shrimp exports have risen 69% in volume.


• Argentine shrimp are gaining market share in the European Union and competing directly with Ecuadorian exports.


• Spain has traditionally been one of the largest importers (in volume) of Ecuadorian shrimp, number three behind Vietnam and the USA.


• Indian has replaced Ecuador as the largest shell-on exporter to the USA.  In recent years, Ecuadorian exports of whole shrimp rose from 71% to 89%, shell-on tails dropped from 21% to 6% and value-added products dropped from 8% to 5%, because “Ecuadorian costs are high”.


• Apart from Nueva Pescanova, all the investors in Ecuador’s shrimp industry are local.  Current investments are focused on improving efficiency with automatic feeders, genetic improvements and better feeds.


Laniado also said that increasing stocking density to semi-intensive or intensive levels risks damaging the environment and ruining the industry’s reputation.  What the Ecuadorian industry needs, instead, is to boost its marketing efforts to raise awareness of its “unique” product by “getting closer to consumers”.


Information: Rodrigo Laniado, Sociedad Nacional Galapagos, Av. Las Esclusas Km. 3.5 Via Hcda. La Josefina, Guayaquil, Ecuador (Phone 593-4-259-1250, Fax 593-4- 259-1256, Emails and, Webpage


Source: Undercurrent News [eight free news reads every month].  Editor, Tom Seaman (  Songa’s Laniado: Ecuador Needs to Reduce Dependency on Shrimp Sales to Vietnam.  Matilde Mereghetti (  October 2, 2017.


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