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August 2017—Cold Weather, PL Shortage


Ecuadorean shrimp exports reached record highs in June and July 2017, but production began to slow down in August 2017 because cool nighttime temperatures (21°C, 70°F) restricted shrimp growth and disease problems at shrimp hatcheries in 2016 resulted in a shortage of postlarvae for stocking ponds today.  In addition, Chinese buyers are waiting for more 30/40s to come to market before they begin buying again.  One industry expert estimated that production in August 2017 would be down 20-25% from July 2017.  Markets and production should be back in balance in early September 2017.


Source: Undercurrent News [eight free news reads every month].  Editor, Tom Seaman.  Cold Temperatures, Fewer Larvae Slow Ecuadorean Shrimp Output.  Matilde Mereghetti (matilde.mereghetti@undercurrentnews.com).  August 21, 2017.


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