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A New, Global, Shrimp Leadership Program


Key players in the Ecuadorian shrimp farming industry are working on the formation of a new global shrimp leadership program aimed at expanding Ecuador’s sustainable farming standards to shrimp farms around the world.  After months of work with consultant Avrim Lazar, who was closely involved in the creation of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), they are currently working on a final draft of the program’s guidelines.  The shrimp leadership program is expected to launch during the 2018 Boston Seafood Show.


Jose Antonio Camposano, executive president of Ecuador’s Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura (CNA), which is spearheading the project, said shrimp demand is increasing, “which is good for us all, but there is a risk that social and environmental issues in some regions will only get worse, and that will impact the industry as a whole.”


Farmers joining the initiative will be required to meet the standards of an aquaculture certification body and show firm commitment to antibiotic-free production, sources said.  In addition, the program will include water quality assessments to ensure that flow-through shrimp farms are returning clean water to the environment.


Although Ecuadorian shrimp farmers stock at low densities, the initiative will not include fixed stocking densities as a requirement, but, instead, will concentrate on the carrying capacity of the ecosystem surrounding the farm to ensure minimal biological risks.


Source: IntraFish (an online, subscription-based news service).  Publisher Pål Korneliussen (  Ecuador to Spearhead Global Shrimp Standards Initiative.  October 19, 2017.


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