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BioMar Buys Alimentsa Feed Mill


In early June 2017, as a part of its expansion strategy, BioMar Group (below) acquired 70% of the Ecuadorian shrimp feed producer Alimentsa (below), which produces around 12 to 15 percent of the shrimp feed in Ecuador.  At the time, the acquisition was subject to approval by competition authorities in Ecuador.


The $119 million acquisition was completed on September 13, 2017.  All necessary approvals have been obtained, and now Alimentsa is officially part of BioMar Group.  The acquisition makes BioMar one the leading shrimp feed producers in Latin America.


BioMar is a leading supplier of high-performance feed to the global aquaculture industries.  It operates feed mills in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, China and Costa Rica.  Roughly one out of five farmed fish produced in Europe and Latin America is fed on BioMar fish feed.  Worldwide, BioMar supplies feed to around 80 countries and more than 45 different species.  BioMar is wholly owned by the Danish industrial group Schouw & Co, which is listed on the NASDAQ Copenhagen Stock Exchange.  Since 2016, BioMar has been servicing Latin American shrimp farmers from its feed mill in Costa Rica.


Founded in 1986, Alimentsa is a leading Ecuadorian shrimp feed supplier.  It delivers feed and technical support and training to more than 300 shrimp farmers in Ecuador, and in 2016 it generated revenue of approximately $75 million with total feed sales of approximately 77,000 metric tons.  It has 145 employees and the capacity of producing an estimated at 110,000 to 120,000 metric tons of shrimp feed a year.


Information: Sif Rishoej, Director, Global HR and Corporate Communication, BioMar Group, Vaerkmestergade 25, 6th Floor, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark (Phone +45-72198146, Email, Webpage


Information: Carlos Diaz, Chief Executive Officer, BioMar Group, Vaerkmestergade 25, 6th Floor, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark (Phone +45-72198146, Email, Webpage


Source: BioMar Group Press Release.  Full Speed Ahead into Shrimp: Alimentsa Approved to Join BioMar.  September 13, 2017.


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