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Cape Verde

Wave and Solar Energy for Shrimp Farm


Cape Verde, an island nation off the east coast of West Africa, has signed a contract with SINN Power, a German company that makes wave-energy generators, to install an array of its generators at a shrimp farm.  Backed up by solar panels, the farm will run on 100% renewable electricity within three years.  Watch the automatic video at the top of SINN’s web page to see how the generators work.


In co-operation with the Fazenda de Camarao shrimp farm and the University of Cape Verde, the project is scheduled to begin immediately with a detailed feasibility study.


SINN Power said the project would reduce the shrimp farm’s carbon emissions by 127 metric tons per year, saving around 50,000 liters of diesel worth approximately $88,000.


Information: Johannes Stuck, SINN Power, GmbH, Germeringer Strasse 9, 82131 Gauting, Germany (Phone 49-(0)-89-9256-6192, Email, Webpage


Source:  Cape Verde Signs on German Wave.  September 26, 2017.


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