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Video—An Electrifying Story from Caterpillar and Camanor


Caterpillar—yes, the corporate giant that makes all that big, yellow, earth-moving equipment—has partnered with Camanor, a shrimp farm in Northeast Brazil, to demonstrate the use of its power-generating products.  In this five-minute video (advertisement), Director of Camanor Werner Jost, who has a long history in Brazilian shrimp farming, and his staff discuss the importance of generating power on-site.  You get to see a lot more of the farm and its operations (hatcheries, ponds, tanks and processing facilities) than the Caterpillar equipment, which is usually in the background.


In the video, Jost says his low-density shrimp ponds were wiped out by whitespot in 2011, so over the next few years, he developed a new system called “Aquatic Science”, a high-density, zero-exchange, zero-discharge, biofloc system.  He stocks 350 to 375 postlarvae per square meter in his tanks, and in some trial tanks, up to 700 PLs per square meter.  In 2017, he hopes to produce 2,100 metric tons of shrimp from 55 acres of tanks, and he plans to double production in 2018.


The video is in Portuguese with English subtitles.


Information: Werner Jost, Director, Camanor Produtos Marinhos, Ltda, Rua José Thomas Ferreira Campos, 2155 Candelária, Natal/RN, CEP: 59.066-160, Brazil (phone 55-84-4008-0448, fax 55-84-4008-0449, email, webpage


Source: YouTube.  Video: Cat® Gensets Power Sustainable Results on Shrimp Farm.  October 30, 2017.


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