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Massive Disease Outbreak



Due to the sudden outbreak of an unknown virus disease in the Bagerhat District of southwestern Bangladesh, shrimp mortalities are unusually high.  To finance their crops, shrimp farmers borrowed money from banks or moneylenders, and now they’re deeply distressed and panicking.  If the mortalities continue, they will not be able to pay off their debts or start new crops.  Md. Zia Haidar Chowdhury, a Bagerhat District Fishery Officer, said shrimp were farmed on as many as 70 thousand farms.  Some shrimp farmers speculate that the damming of rivers and canals for shrimp farming led to the development of the disease.


Source: The New Nation.  Shrimp Farms Attacked with Virus Diseases in Bagerhat.  Prof ABM Mosharraf Husain.  May 1, 2017.