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Video—Update on First Rock Lobster Hatchery


Scheduled for completion by 2021, Plastic Fabrication Group will build an $8 million rock lobster hatchery in Tasmania, Australia.  It will be the world’s first commercial rock lobster hatchery, based on a major breakthrough by University of Tasmania researchers who discovered how to get larval lobster through some tricky stages—by creating an exact duplicate of the larvae’s natural, oceanic conditions.


Greg Smith, Director of the University’s ARC Research Hub for Commercial Development of Rock Lobster Culture Systems, said when the tiny transparent larvae are around 15 milliliters long, there’s a three-week window for transporting them around the world!  He said the hatchery will produce the tropical rock lobster Panulirus ornatus, currently farmed in seacages in Vietnam from wild caught stock.  The hatchery will also produce slipper lobsters (Thenus orientalis).


Video: The video that accompanies this news report is two-and-a-half-minutes long and shows pictures of larval and adult lobsters—and the researchers talking about their work.


Information: Greg Smith, Research Hub Director, The ARC Research Hub for Commercial Development of Rock Lobster Culture Systems, 15-21 Nubeena Crescent, Taroona, Tasmania 7053, Australia (Phone +61-3-6226-8268, Email, Webpage


Information: James Cretan, Group Chairman, Plastic Fabrication Group, 8 Negara Crescent, Goodwood, Tasmania 7010, Australia (Phone +61-3-6274-0222, Fax +61-3-6274-0234, Webpages, and


Sources: 1.  World-First Rock Lobster Farming Deal.  September 17, 2017.  2. E-mail from Greg Smith.  Subject: Rock Lobster Species.  September 18, 2017.

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