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Rock Lobster Hatchery


The PFG Group, a Tasmanian owned and operated company with almost 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sales of industrial and aquaculture based products, and the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) plan to develop the world’s first commercial rock lobster hatchery.  Until now, rock lobster’s long and complex lifecycle has made it almost impossible to farm because no commercial hatcheries were available.


IMAS will spend the next two years finalizing development of the hatchery process—while the PFG Group builds a commercial hatchery!  The PFG Group has invested in a university spin-off company giving it licensing rights to IMAS research.


At IMAS’s Research Hub for Commercial Development of Rock Lobster Culture Systems, three rock lobster species are under study, but it will probably be the tropical rock lobster, Panulirus ornatus, that receives the most attention.  It has a wide geographical range in the Indo-Pacific, and it has been successfully farmed from wild-caught juveniles in Southeast Asia.  Picture of a larval rock lobster.


Information: Greg Smith, Research Hub Director, The ARC Research Hub for Commercial Development of Rock Lobster Culture Systems, 15-21 Nubeena Crescent, Taroona, Tasmania 7053, Australia (Phone +61-3-6226-8268, Email, Webpage


Information: James Cretan, PDF Group Chairman, 8 Negara Crescent, Goodwood, Tasmania 7010, Australia (Phone +61-3-6274-0222, Fax +61-3-6274-0234, Webpage


Source: ABC.Net.Au.  Rock Lobster Farming in Tasmania Closer to Commercial Reality Under New Deal.  Stephen Pigram.  September 12, 2017.


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