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Pacific Reef Fisheries Sold




MBD, a company that develops low-cost processes to clean waste for a range of industries, has bought Pacific Reef Fisheries, a 98-hectare tiger shrimp and cobia farm in Ayr, Queensland, along with land and permits to construct a new 259-hectare state-of-the-art shrimp and seaweed farm near Bowen in northern Queensland, Australia.


Announcing the acquisition, MBD managing director Andrew Lawson said the new project was great news for environmentally sustainable aquaculture and the start of an exciting new growth phase for Australian shrimp production.


The approval for the expansion, which will more than triple Pacific Reef Fisheries’ tiger prawn production, was made possible by MBD’s innovative and award-winning system that can recycle or return water to the sea without impacting the environment.


MBD’s water bio-remediation techniques were developed at Pacific Reef Fisheries’ Ayr site and at MBD’s algae research and development facility at James Cook University’s Townsville Campus.  The bio-remediation techniques will be used at the new facility to farm seaweed alongside shrimp.


Lawson said MBD was recycling nutrient-rich aquaculture water to nourish the rapid growth of seaweed, which not only cleans the water, but also provides a significant product in its own right.


MBD is also working closely with major aquaculture producers in Vietnam on a large-scale water bioremediation project and is at stage-1 in the commissioning of its new $13 million astaxanthin production facility in Ayr, Queenland.

Source: Townsville Bulletin.  Aquaculture Research Group Buys Pacific Prawn Fisheries at Ayr.  Tony Raggatt.  August 24, 2017.

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