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Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture



With its shrimp farm in southern Queensland lying fallow because of the whitespot virus, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture plans to expand its 50-hectare shrimp farm in northern Queensland by 18 hectares.  Construction should be completed by October 2018.


Nick Moore, Executive Director at Gold Coast, said, “We only started construction a month ago.  It’s a two-stage procedure.  We won’t be putting any water in the ponds until after the wet season.”


Here are some more of Moore’s comments:


“We’ve been exporting most of the 30 years we’ve been running, but in recent times demand in Australia has been such that we don’t need to export.  We’re quite happy to look after our Australian customers.”


“Our company breeding program aims to domesticate the shrimp further.  We want to be self-reliant, we don’t want to rely on the wild at all.”


“When you have the potential of whitespot, you need to be totally independent.”


Information: Nick Moore, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, Pty., Ltd., Marks Road, Woongoolba, Queensland 4207, Australia (email, webpage


Source: Carins Post.  Gold Coast Tiger Prawns’ Mossman Operation Building 16 New Ponds.  Alicia Nally.  November 16, 2017.


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